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  • Helping enterprises innovate for a more sustainable society

    In a world of rapid environmental change, resource depletion, economic instability and social inequality, it is clear that a more sustainable future requires innovations on all levels of society and the economy. Entrepreneurial ventures are ideally placed to make a real difference: through innovative enterprise models, they can show how different forms of social and environmental value can be incorporated in their products and services.

    However, the routines of everyday life in any enterprise often makes it difficult to find the space to rethink the value it can deliver to the environment in which it operates.

    Value in Enterprise was set up to provide such a space for businesses, social enterprises, development agencies and educational institutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help organisations create additional value through more sustainable practices. In everything we do, we pride ourselves to offer an inspiring and personally engaged style of facilitation that works for our clients.


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